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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ice Caller

This six-foot long staff of pure, unmelting ice glistens with energy. Its simple form contains potent magical forces, designed to wreak havoc on the wielder's enemies. It is a device of pure offensive power, and radiates Epic elemental magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the command words that unlock the powers of this potent device.

Once mastered Ice Caller's bearer can activate any of the following powers at will:
  • Ice Storm - Summons a brief storm of fist-sized chunks of ice that rain down on a 30 foot diameter area for three rounds, doing Fair damage to anyone within the area of effect each round. This has the side effect of creating a two foot deep layer of icy rubble in the target area, which hampers movement until it melts. Ice Storm has a range of 120 feet.
  • Icicle - The wielder can cause a razor-sharp icicle to shoot from the tip of Ice Caller, striking the target of their choice (a ranged melee attack success is required). Icicle inflicts Great damage and chills the target, causing them to miss their next action as they shake off the cold.
  • Freezing Touch - When the proper command word is spoken a successful melee attack with Ice Caller inflicts normal melee damage, plus Superb cold damage, encasing the target (up to ogre-sized) in a shell of ice and frost that freezes them in place and slows their movements for four rounds. The target acts at half normal speed and suffers a two rank penalty on all actions that require physical movement.
  • Ice Wall - The wielder can draw a line up to 60 feet long, then speak a command word, which causes a wall of ice one foot thick and ten feet high to spring up along the drawn path. This wall radiates intense cold and does Good cold damage to anyone attempting to break through.
Each invocation of Ice Caller's power draws energy from the environment around the staff itself. The first time a power is invoked a five foot radius aura of cold surrounds the staff. This aura inflicts Poor damage each round to anyone in the area of effect (a resistance check can be applied). Each additional invocation either increases the radius of the aura by five feet or increases the intensity of the aura by one rank (50/50 chance). Note that the wielder is not immune to the effects of this aura. The aura shrinks or loses power (50/50 chance) every ten rounds that pass without a power being invoked.
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