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Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This sword has a long, slender, straight blade of an unknown silver metal inscribed with an interlocking knot-like pattern of green and purple enamel along its entire length. This knot-like motif flows off the blade and onto the wide and slightly curved guard, which is made from the same silvery metal as the blade. The weapon's grip is covered in dark green leather and wrapped with coppery wire and the pommel is fitted with a polished slab of malachite. The weapon radiates Great combat magic and Epic abjuration magic along with Epic demonic energies. Demonsoul radiates both good and evil.

Ordinarily the sword functions as a normal weapon with Good bonuses to damage and accuracy. When drawn in the presence of another demonic being Demonsoul's true nature is revealed. The weapon contains the energies of a demonic being trapped within its matrix. When confronted by another demonic being the sword gives off a continuous piercing scream as the blade begins to glow with an eerie purple light. In this state the weapon has the following characteristics:
  • Great bonus to damage and accuracy.
  • It negates any special attacks (natural energy attacks, ability drains, mind control attempts, spells, etc.) used by the opposing demon, absorbing any energies directed at the wielder.
The more energy Demonsoul absorbs, the more unstable the bindings holding the demon it contains become. The wielder must make a test of Will each time the weapon absorbs energy, suffering a one rank cumulative penalty each time the weapon responds to an attack. Should they fail a test, the demon within the blade possesses their physical form, which begins glowing with the same eerie light previously surrounding the sword:
  • The sword's damage and accuracy bonuses rise to Superb.
  • The wielder gains Superb physical toughness, reducing all physical damage received by two ranks.
  • The possessed becomes immune to fire, electrical damage.
  • The possessed gains immunity to mental attack forms (except, of course, being possessed).
  • Demonsoul continues to absorb demonic attacks directed at the wielder.
The sword continues its possession for 2d8 rounds. At the end of this period the wielder may attempt to regain control of their body with a test of Will. The previously accumulated penalties to this Will check still apply, and any absorption since possession add to the penalty. After the initial possession period the penalty is reduced by one rank per round.

Should the demonic foe be defeated before the wielder recovers from possession the demon will launch an attack against the nearest target available. The demon powering Demonsoul is a low intelligence creature, bent only on destruction.
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