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Monday, January 25, 2010

Shadow Lash

This weapon is a single-tailed whip, about 12 feet long from tip to butt. The tail is made from black leather strips braided together with silver wire. The butt is a continuation of the same black leather braid woven with additional strips of red leather covering a short, stiff handle of whalebone. A strap of red leather secures the weapon to the wielder's wrist. The item is imbued with Great illusion and evocation magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal its powers:
  • Shadow Lash is an Great quality weapon. Unfortunately a whip isn't particularly effective in combat so it only inflicts Mediocre damage. It can however strike any foe within 10 feet of the wielder.
  • Each time an opponent is struck a Shadow Tendril is created (see below).
  • Sonic Burst - With a sharp snap of the Lash the wielder can create an incredibly loud whip-crack, causing Mediocre damage and temporarily deafening anyone within ten feet. This effect is powerful enough to shatter delicate items such as glass or crystal directly exposed to the sound. This power can be used three times per day. The wielder is immune to the effects of this ability.
  • Thunder Crack - A much more potent version of Sonic Burst, this power generates a thunderous burst of noise that can sunder wood or stone. Anyone within ten feet is permanently deafened and suffers Fair damage.

Shadow Tendrils

Each time Shadow Lash strikes a target, it conjures a Shadow Tendril, a creeping line of ghostly black power. This magical construct clings to any surface and attempts to entangle the target. Each Shadow Tendril lasts for five rounds and has a 10% cumulative chance per round of entangling one of the target's limbs. Each successful attack with Shadow Lash adds an additional Tendril to the target and refreshes any existing Tendrils to five rounds duration. Tendrils refreshed in this way continue to increase their chance of entangling a limb. Each entangled limb causes a one rank penalty to any test requiring use of the affected limb. Note that Tendrils can snare nearby objects, effectively trapping the victim. Tendrils require a Good test of strength to break, with each additional Tendril increasing the difficulty by one rank.
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