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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Goblets of the Beasts

Legend says there are seven of these artifacts, each crafted to capture and convey the fundamental nature of the creatures they depict. The Goblets are simple golden bowls inscribed with ancient magical sigils and mounted on a base and stem carved from deep green jade. Each thick stem has been carved in the likeness of a natural creature or mythical beast, with fine details highlighted with tiny flakes of gemstone and gold. Each Goblet radiates Superb alteration magic and discovering the secrets of their use is a Good test of divination magic.

To activate the powers of a Goblet it must be filled with good quality wine then held aloft as the words inscribed upon the bowl are spoken aloud. It is a Great test of ancient lore to comprehend the sigils, which are a simple phrase, much like a toast, praising the animal depicted upon the Goblet. Once this minor ritual is complete anyone drinking from the Goblet gains the benefits it conveys. Each Goblet can be used once per day, and contains enough wine to allow seven people to drink from it. The effects last four hours. Drinking from a Goblet negates the effects of any other Goblet. The Goblets are:
  • Unicorn - instantly cures any poison afflicting the drinker and provides them with a Superb resistance bonus against further poisoning.
  • Ox - grants a Superb bonus to physical strength.
  • Winged Horse - grants the imbiber the ability to fly with Great speed and maneuverability.
  • Eagle - grants a Superb bonus to vision and perception..
  • Phoenix - should the imbiber be slain, they burst into searing flame, inflicting Great damage on anyone within a 30' R, then rise from the ashes one week later, fully restored to life and health.
  • Panther - grants a Superb bonus to all Stealth and Hiding abilities
  • Dragon - grants Great resistance to fire damage and the ability to breath flame in a 30' long, 5' wide stream, doing Good damage. Fire breath can be used up to 3 times before the flames are exhausted.
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