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Friday, January 22, 2010

Divan of Infinite Rest

This broad and low divan rests upon a frame of gilded wood supported by elegant legs carved to resemble the lower leg and paw of some great predatory cat. The seat and low, rounded back are covered in rich blue and green brocade in a paisley and floral pattern with a somewhat geometric form. A rich coverlet of deep blue velvet decorates the Divan, fine gold thread woven into the fabric causing it to glimmer in even the dimmest light. The Divan is large enough to serve as a comfortable bed for even the largest of men. The entire thing weighs several hundred pounds and would prove difficult, but not impossible, to move.

The Divan radiates Superb divine magic and a Great test of divination will reveal its characteristics. Anyone reclining on the Divan for more than three rounds falls into a deep, unnatural slumber. This slumber lasts a minimum of eight hours, during which time the user will simply not wake up, no matter what the circumstance. After eight hours have passed the user can be awakened by others, but will not wake up on their own, remaining asleep forever if no outside force intervenes. After eight hours of sleep, the user is healed of all injury, including any poisons or diseases they may have been afflicted with. Sleep causes aging to cease and purges the body of accumulated toxins, so regular use of the Divan can greatly increase the user's lifespan.

The Divan of Infinite Rest once graced the temple of a minor god of prophecy, a gift to the temple's oracle. Rumors of the oracle's apparently infinite lifespan drew the attention of an evil warlord, who pillaged the temple, slew the oracle and the other priests, and stole the Divan. Legend claims the gods cursed the Divan so it inflicts a compulsion to restore the couch to its proper place on any that make use of its powers.
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