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Friday, July 3, 2009


Gloomwall is a tower shield of black iron, fitted with three columns of twelve small silver bosses. An abstract pattern of swirling clouds is visible on the shield's face, while the back of the shield is painted gray. The edges of the shield are wrapped in silver wire. The heavy arm straps are fashioned from black leather trimmed with silver wire. Gloomwall radiates Superb protective, weather and enchantment magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal its attributes:
  • Gloomwall provides the bearer with a Great defensive bonus versus melee attack and an Epic defensive bonus versus missile weapons.
  • When carried into battle, the bearer and all allies within a 100' radius are surrounded by an obscuring black mist shot through with silvery flickers of light. Any foe facing those so enchanted suffers an Good morale penalty.
  • Thrice per day the bearer can summon a vast cloud of obscuring mist, 100 yards in diameter, effectively hiding anyone within from mundane sight. Anyone entering the mist with hostile intent has a Great chance of losing their direction and becoming lost. The bearer's allies are unaffected by the mist.
  • Once per day the bearer can cause Gloomwall to darken the skies in a 1 mile radius. Low black clouds roar in from all directions, forming a rapidly swirling wall overhead in three rounds. This wall obscures the sun and blocks all mundane vision. Once the wall is in place the bearer can call down a vortex of swirling winds upon a chosen target within the covered area doing Great damage to all within a 10' radius. This power lasts 12 rounds once established, and a new vortex can be summoned each round.

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