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Monday, July 20, 2009

Grim Monday: Muck Worm

Inhabiting dank, muddy areas, Muck Worms are predator adept at ambushing prey without warning. These creatures range in size from tiny inch long wigglers up to massive 15 or 20 foot long adults. The worms all have soft, flat, segmented bodies, with each segment featuring two pairs of sharp hook-like spines on either side. The creature's head has a round gaping mouth containing a long, sharp proboscis. Muck Worms dwell in damp areas and will become dessicated and die if moisture is unavailable.

Muck Worms feed on any living creature they can ambush and slay. They typical ambush prey from muddy pools or swampy areas. They are able to contract their bodies, then lash out with great force, driving their sharp proboscis into their victim and injecting an acidic poison into the wound, then wrapping their body around the target and piercing it with their hook-like spines. If their initial attack fails or the worm is sorely wounded, it can eject a cloud of noxious waste matter in a 10' radius cloud, causing anyone within the area of effect to gag and choke while within its area of effect.

  • Poor defense - Muck Worms are rather squishy.
  • Good toughness - Though easy to damage, the Worm's primitive form makes them tough to kill.
  • Good healing - Worms heal from any wound very quickly.
  • Great camouflage - When in their native environment.
  • Superb impale attack - If successful this attack injects the victim with Great damage acidic poison and allows the Worm to wrap the victim in clawing coils, doing Good damage each subsequent round.
  • Noxious cloud - 10' radius cloud of choking, gagging vapors. Superb resist test or be blinded and helpless for four to six rounds.

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