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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Legend says this bow was created from the heart of a fallen star, which, given its unusual appearance, may be true. This longbow measures about six feet from tip to tip. The grip is made from a single stone, an unknown black mineral shot through with a radiating pattern of bluish crystals that shine with an inner glow under the light of the moon. Each arm of the bow is formed from a seemingly delicate spire of this same blue crystal that seems to grow naturally from the grip. The bow is strung with a delicate wire of silvery metal that appears to sprout directly from the bow itself.

If examined for magical properties Starfall radiates Epic evocation magic and Great combat magic. A Superb test of divination magic will reveal its magical characteristics:
  • Starfall has Legendary toughness and should be considered unbreakable for most purposes.
  • The weapon acts as a Great quality longbow in terms of accuracy and damage.
  • Starshot - When the appropriate command word is spoken and an arrow is shot skyward, it will explode with a loud report leaving a brilliant, glowing star hovering in the sky above. This light provides dusk-like illumination in a quarter-mile radius for up to one hour, and can be extinguished with a word by the owner. This power can be used thrice per day. The arrow used is consumed in the process.
  • Meteor - Using this power causes the next arrow fired from the bow to transform itself into a fist-sized globule of dense, bluish crystal that streaks to the target at great speed, leaving a trail of glowing vapors behind it. On impact the crystal explodes with Superb force, harming all within a ten foot radius of the point of impact. It also leaves behind a cloud of noxious fumes in the same area, causing all within to choke and be partially blinded for three rounds (Good test of resistance to avoid these effects). This power can be invoked thrice per day. It consumes the arrow used.
  • Glitterswarm - When this power is invoked the next arrow fired from the bow strikes as a normal attack. Upon impact a cloud of brilliant blue sparks burst from the arrow, swarming over everything within a 20 foot radius of the impact point. These sparks emit dazzling light (Good resistance check or be blinded), and burn anything they touch, inflicting Average fire damage and lighting flammable materials in the area of effect. The sparks last five rounds. This power can be invoked thrice per day. The arrow used is not consumed by this power.

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