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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Living Drapes

Putting decor to good use.

Living Drapes are a set of beautiful burgundy-colored velvet curtains, suitable decor for the finest household. They are sized to hang ceiling to floor, and are wide enough to cover a very large window or doorway. The panels themselves are heavy velvet, the vertical edges feature a finely embroidered pattern done in darker lace, while the trailing edge is heavily fringed with similarly colored tassels. The overall appearance is attractive, if a bit somber. If the Drapes are examined for magical properties they radiate Great alteration and animation magic. A Superb test of divination magic will reveal their characteristics and the command words required to activate them:
  • The Drapes show no signs of wear or staining, automatically cleaning themselves within an hour of becoming soiled. They have Superb toughness, making them nearly impossible to cut or tear.
  • Upon command the Drapes will hang themselves at any window or doorway, automatically positioning themselves in an aesthetically pleasing way. Once in position they will manifest an iron rod that will magically attach itself to the wall. This process can be reversed with a second command word.
  • The Drapes can be opened or closed with a command word. When open they manifest tasseled tiebacks that match their fringe and trim.
  • Lastly the Drapes can be commanded to protect the opening they hang in front of. Any animate, material being up to ogre-sized passing through the opening is instantly grasped and entangled in heavy folds of crushing velvet. When ordered to protect, the Drapes can be commanded to hold or slay whatever they grasp. Held creatures are wrapped up and kept imprisoned until a command word is spoken (Superb strength to break free). When ordered to slay the Drapes inflict Great constricting damage each round.

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