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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Storm Swallows

This magical construct consists of a bird's nest woven from gold and platinum wire and lined with black and green silk. The nest rests upon a blackened and twisted branch from a lightning struck tree. Contained within the nest are three delicate crystal figurines, each depicting a swallow at rest. Each figurine is clear crystal shot through with flecks of some faintly glowing golden metal. If examined for magical properties the construct radiates Epic alteration, divination, and evocation magic. A Superb test of divination will reveal the device's uses and command word.

Each day the device's owner can command one of the figurines to take wing and seek out a target. The target can either be a specific geographic location, or a known person or object. The swallow construct will then fly at Great speed toward the target, using Superb location ability to set its course. Once the swallow reaches its destination it will circle the target, causing a massive thunderhead to form over the area. After ten minutes this storm cloud will lash the area within one mile of the target with an Epic strength storm, featuring hurricane force winds, fist-sized hail, and massive lightning strikes. The storm lasts one hour, and the swallow circles the area for the duration. If the swallow is destroyed the storm dissipates within five minutes. The swallow has Superb toughness and evasiveness. Any electrical or cold damage inflicted is passed harmlessly into the storm raised by the bird. When the storm expires the swallow returns to the nest. Note that once a swallow has been dispatched its target cannot be altered. Their flight range is, for most purposes, infinite.


Anonymous said...

Very intriguing. Someone who has this, and the command word, without realizing what they can do could inflict a lot of unintended harm.

Mark Thomas said...

I always like items that allow unintended effects. Players being players, the "let's try it!" mentality leads to great results. Or dead PCs...