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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Spirit Chaser

Spirit Chaser is a long hunting spear, eight feet in length. The spear's shaft is made of ashwood, bleached to a pale white color. A fine checkerboard pattern has been etched into the wood's surface, providing a sure grip. Some dark material (blood perhaps) has leached into the grooves of this pattern, creating an irregular hatchmark pattern along the shaft. The spear's head is a narrow, leaf-shaped point made from a silvery metal. Several bands of the same metal affix this point to the shaft. Three large white feathers hang from the point end of the shaft, connected by wire-thin black cord to the base of the blade. The weapon is well balanced for throwing, and stout enough to be used in melee. If examined for magical properties Great enhancement, alteration and divination magic can be detected. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the item's properties:
  • Spirit Chaser has a Great bonus to melee and thrown accuracy, and a Good bonus to damage.
  • Winged Strike - When this power is invoked Spirit Chaser can be thrown at any target within a quarter-mile, striking with unerring accuracy for double normal damage, then returning to the wielder's hand. The target must be visible when the spear is thrown. This power can be invoked thrice per day.
  • Spirit Seeking - The weapon can be attuned to a specific target by exposing it to a personal item owned by the target (clothing, a favorite object) for one day. Once attuned Spirit Chaser's owner can determine the direction and approximate distance to the attuned target by closing their eyes and concentrating for one round with the spear in hand. This power can be invoked at will. Only one target can be attuned at a time.
  • An attuned target takes double damage from any attacks carried out using Spirit Chaser.
  • Once per day Spirit Chaser can strip an attuned target of any covering illusion or concealing magic, revealing their true nature. The target must be within 100 yards of the wielder when this power is invoked.

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