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Monday, December 21, 2009

Ash Stone

A relic left behind by a long forgotten god of decay, the Ash Stone is a shapeless chunk of granite shot through with veins of pure black obsidian. The Stone, which is ten feet or so in diameter, has been crudely worked, but whatever shape the artist intended was never achieved. The Ash Stone radiates Legendary alteration magic. Anyone approaching within 30 feet of the artifact can sense its potent aura, which manifests as a sensation of warm, choking dryness in the air and a feeling of unease, strengthened by a curious shifting of light and shadow at the edges of vision.

The Ash Stone has the following characteristics which affect anyone within its area of effect (base 60 foot radius):
  • Draining Aura - Any living creature will be drained of one rank of vitality per hour of exposure (Fair test of resistance to avoid). The draining effect is subtle and might not be noticed (Fair test of observation to feel the effects). Those completely drained of vitality become Ash Walkers (see below).
  • Spell Negation - All magical powers and abilities are reduced two ranks in power. This includes all forms of spell casting and powers invoked from items. A Legendary resistance check allows this effect to be negated for an individual spell effect.
  • Magic Draining - Magical items exposed to the Stone's aura are drained one rank of potency per hour (Fair test of resistance to avoid). Artifacts completely drained by the Stone crumble to dusty gray ash. Any item so drained adds five feet to the Stone's radius of effect for seven days.
  • Ash Swarm - Each evening at sunset the Ash Stone summons forth one or two Ash Swarms (see below) which will venture forth to wreak havoc in the area surrounding the stone.
The area around the Ash Stone will be devoid of plant and animal life. One to three Ash Walkers (see below) will be encountered nearby. The Ash Stone is nigh indestructible. The GM should establish a unique method of destroying this artifact suitable to their campaign.

Ash Swarm

Ash Swarms are a cloud-like manifestation of the Ash Stone. They appears as crawling, swirling patches of gray-black ash 10-15 feet in diameter. They are drawn to any living creature and attack by enveloping their chosen target and draining vitality, draining one rank per round unless a Fair resistance check is made. They have the following characteristics:
  • Average toughness.
  • Sense life, 120 foot radius.
  • Epic resistance to fire damage.
  • Terrible resistance to divine magic.
  • Destroyed by sunlight.
  • Draining touch, draining one rank of vitality per round of exposure (Fair resistance to avoid).
If a creature is slain by draining touch, the Ash Swarm instantly possesses the victim's body, rising as an Ash Walker (see below) within 3 rounds.

Ash Walker

Creatures slain by the Ash Stone's Draining Aura or by Ash Swarms become Ash Walkers, possessed creatures intent on increasing the Stone's potency. They retain the basic form they had in life but appear as dessicated, gray-black figures surrounded by a cloud of choking ash. They have the following characteristics:
  • Fair toughness.
  • Sense life, 120 foot radius.
  • Sense magic, 30 foot radius.
  • Epic resistance to fire damage.
  • Poor resistance to divine magic.
  • Incapacitated by sunlight.
  • Draining touch, draining one rank of vitality by touch (Fair resistance to avoid).
  • Natural attacks. Ash Walkers retain any natural combat abilities they had while alive.
Ash Walkers in possession of magical items will immediately return to the Ash Stone and deposit these artifacts within its area of effect, allowing the Stone to absorb their power. Any creature slain by an Ash Walker will rise as an Ash Walker within 3 rounds.

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