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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Return of the New Minions

I mentioned a couple weeks back that I had introduced my younger nieces to D&D. They've apparently taken the concept and run with it, with their own personal twist. Christmas Eve they surprised the family by doing a piece of adventure / performance art called "Holly and Rudolph Save Christmas". According to the story Santa's Sleigh broke down, so he sent Holly the Elf and Rudolph the Reindeer off to recover a magical crystal to fix it. Apparently the crystal McGuffin was located in a scary cave on the other side of the continent, so they went on a trek through the Frosty Woods, flew over the Rainbow Mountains (to avoid the Abominable Snowman of course), and recovered the crystal from deep within the cave, saving Christmas. The entire family was greatly entertained, but the whole time I was thinking "Man, next time THEY can run the game."


Timeshadows said...

Great stuff. :D

May 2010 be even niftier.

Daddy Grognard said...

Now that's what I call rules-lite.

I love the way that kids bring their unfettered imagination and enthusiasm to dungeon design.
Junior Grognard was discussing his ideas for his first dungeon the other day. He is calling it The Dungeon of Death. In the first room there will be a treasure chest guarded by two fire giants. In another room, there will be a thousand skulls, just like Acererak.

Mark Thomas said...

It's very refreshing to play with kids, especially when contrasted to my usual group, which includes a bunch of "only old-school D&D" players (I love you guys! Really!)