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Thursday, December 10, 2009


A selection of candles to light the darkness:

Endless Candle

A stubby yellow beeswax candle in a heavy iron holder with a snuffer attached to the handle with a short leather lace. This candle radiates Fair alteration magic. Once lit it provides Fair illumination within a 15' radius. The candle burns without consuming itself, and can only be extinguished by the attached snuffer. It will continue to burn even when completely submerged.

Flame of the Risen Dead

This pearly white conical taper has three wicks twisted through its center. It radiates Superb divine magic. When placed on the body of a newly slain creature and allowed to burn completely (a process that takes four hours), the candle will restore life to the dead. Anything that causes the flame to go out causes the magic to fail, and the remaining portion of the candle crumbles to dust.

Hedging Candle

A chunky black candle with bits of white and gray powder suspended in its waxy interior, the Hedging Candle radiates Good protection and divine magic. Once lit it prevents undead and supernatural creatures from entering the area it lights. This candle will burn for a total of six hours, and can be extinguished by normal means.

Taper of the Roaring Flame

This squat candle of deep red paraffin radiates Good alteration magic. It provides normal light while lit, but burns with the heat of a bonfire. The candle will burn for six hours before being consumed.

Note: I'm trying out Blogger's 'page break' feature, not because I plan on using it with regularity, but to see how it works, both here and in RSS feeds. Sometimes the partial article break in the RSS feed shows up in an odd place, slicing a sentence in half for example, so I may use it from time to time to avoid that. (edit: well that was a failure...)


Timeshadows said...

These are very nice as well.

The Hedge made me think of the original Night of the Living Dead, and how that thing guttering out before dawn would be a major blow to morale. :D

Mark Thomas said...

Thanks! That's exactly the feeling I was going for with that one, so mission accomplished!