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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Sled of the Winter Elf

This magical conveyance is a thing of legend, showing up but once a year during the winter holidays, when it makes an appearance in the skies above all inhabited lands.

The Sled is an over-sized sleigh designed to be drawn by a team of beasts. The sleigh body is made of some eldritch wood painted with a deep red lacquer that is so highly polished it almost glows. A frame of silvery metal attaches the sleigh body to long polished steel runners beneath and traces and harnesses of red dyed leather at the front. Rumor claims there are eight harnesses (some claim nine, with the odd harness fitted in front of the others) fitted to the Sled, each bearing a line of silvery bells.

The Sled body features a luxurious padded front bench decorated with heavy woolen cloth trimmed with rich white fur. The rear of the Sled consists of a large open compartment lined with rugged red leather.

The Sled radiates Legendary enchantment and alteration magic. And has the following characteristics:
  • The front seat has room for but a single passenger, who is carried in perfect warmth and comfort no matter what the weather conditions or speed of travel.
  • The rear compartment of the Sled will hold a near infinite quantity of material.
  • The Sled's passenger gains Legendary ability to detect alignment, though this power is strangely limited to knowing 'Naughty' or 'Nice' alignments.
  • The Sled's passenger also gains Legendary teleport ability. This allows them to transport themselves and up to 50 pounds of inert material at will, with the limitation that the destination must be reachable via a chimney.
  • When a proper set of beasts is fitted to the harness, the Sled gains Legendary flight capability. Oddly enough the only creatures that seem to fit the harnesses are reindeer.
Happy Holidays everyone! I'll be off-line to post Christmas!

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