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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Will to Write Fading

I've been sporadic about posts the last couple weeks, and today is no exception. Instead of subjecting you to my slightly deranged mental state, brought on by attending the musical version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin as performed by my niece's 4th grade class, let me share this comic series, which is probably old news to some, but new to me: DM of the Rings! Also slightly deranged, but funny as hell.

Tomorrow a real post: promise!


nanobri said...

Nooo! Don't lose your will to write. I always enjoy reading your ideas. :)

Mark Thomas said...

I think it's mostly ennui brought on by the holidays. This too shall pass :)

Daddy Grognard said...

I'm an old DM of the Rings afficionado but have you tried Darths and Droids? Similar concept but using Star Wars.

Mark Thomas said...

@Daddy - I'll have to take a peek. Thanks for the pointer.