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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Endless Pipe

This artifact is a tube of flexible metallic material. Each end of the tube is fitted with a solid metal ring, one silver, one copper. The Pipe is about two feet long and three inches in diameter when found. It radiates Superb alteration magic. It has the following characteristics:
  • The Pipe can be lengthened or shortened by twisting the copper end clockwise (longer) or counterclockwise (shorter). Its minimum length is three inches, its maximum length ten feet.
  • The Pipe's diameter can be increased or decreased by twisting the silver end clockwise (increases diameter) or counterclockwise (decreases diameter). Its diameter can vary from one inch to one foot.
  • When the ends of the Pipe are placed in different liquids or gasses, it begins to transport whatever substance is touching its silver end through its length and ejecting it out the other end. If, for example, the silver end is placed within a pond and the copper end is left laying on the bank, the Pipe will immediately begin to drain the pond.
  • The Pipe's nature makes it impervious to any harmful effects caused by the substance it moves, so it easily transports acid, lava or poison gas with ease.
  • If sufficient material is available to pump and a large diameter is chosen, the Pipe can serve as a crude weapon, blasting foes with a powerful spray of potentially harmful material.
Legend says the Dwarves created the Endless Pipe as a tool to drain flooded mines and tunnels. Others claim is was an invention of the Elves, who used it to create perpetual water fountains.

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