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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ahtep's Blade

Ahtep was a well known explorer and adventurer with a broad streak of paranoia. He commissioned this blade to give him an edge against secretive or hidden foes.

Ahtep's Blade is a long, narrow-bladed sword with a practical straight guard and one-handed hilt. The blade and guard are a dull silver color, while the hilt is black leather wrapped with silver wire. The pommel is a plain, round knob of the same silvery metal. The blade's scabbard is a plain thing of black leather, the only ornamentation being a circular cutout edged with silver trim near the hilt end of the scabbard allowing the blade to show through. Clearly Ahtep was not out to impress anyone with appearances.

Both the blade and scabbard are magical. Identifying the magical properties of the blade will reveal Good damage and accuracy enhancement, Great divination magic, and Good illusion magic. Identifying the magical properties of the scabbard will reveal Good preservation magic.

The sword has the following powers and abilities:
  • Good damage and accuracy bonus.
  • The wielder can cause the blade to act as a Good light source at will.
  • Once per day the wielder can cause the blade to pulse and flare with multicolor lights. Any foe must make a Good resistance check vs. this effect or be confused and dazed for 2-8 rounds.
  • Great enemy detection ability (60 foot radius). Any foe with hostile intent within the area of effect will cause the blade to glow with a pure white light. The glow grows more intense if more powerful or greater numbers of foes are detected.
The scabbard's magic protects the contained blade against wear, damage and theft, sounding a piercing howl if anyone but the scabbard's owner attempts to draw the blade.
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