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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mishta's Mischievous Mouse

The mage Mishta was powerful, paranoid and clever. In his elder days he devoted his considerable magical prowess to the study of animate magical constructs. Mishta's Mischievous Mouse was one of his early creations, a toy designed to both provide amusement and keep his apprentices in line.

When first discovered the Mischievous Mouse appears to be a small stuffed toy, with gray fur, tiny ruby eyes, and a slender leather tail. If tested for magical properties the Mouse will radiate Good animation, alteration and evocation magic. Once its command word is discovered (a Great test of divination magic) the Mouse can be commanded by its owner.

The Mouse can be commanded to carry out up to three tasks per day. The Mouse will pursue a given task for one day, at which time it will return to its owner to report its result and obtain new tasks. These tasks can include use of any of the following abilities:
  • Message - The Mouse can store a short verbal message (less than a minute) and deliver it to a specific person or location. The message will be delivered in a quiet, squeaky mouse-voice.
  • Shock - The Mouse can deliver a small electric shock (Poor damage) to a chosen target. Mishta used this ability as a warning to apprentices who were not keeping up in their studies. The shock was usually accompanied by a message.
  • Gnaw - The Mouse can gnaw through normal objects, rope, sacks, wood quite quickly. The chief use of this power is to create a hole in a wall to allow the Mouse to pass through while carrying out a task.
  • Locate - The Mouse can be commanded to locate a specific item or person within a few hours travel. If successful the Mouse can relay an image and the location of the chosen target to its owner.
  • Steal - Order the Mouse to steal a specific item. This item must be very small (a coin, a pen, a key) and accessible to the Mouse. The stolen item will be returned to the Mouse's owner.

The Mouse can move at Good speed, and is very stealthy (Great hide and sneak ability). It is quite quick for something so small. If cornered the Mouse is easily incapacitated, but its magical nature will repair any damage done within a day, at which time the Mouse will return to its owner.
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