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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blood Signet

The Blood Signet is a heavy gold signet ring shaped and inscribed for use as a personal seal. The emblem inscribed is a spread-winged bat. Though simple in design the ring is well-crafted. Attempting to discern the ring's magical properties will reveal Great necromantic magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the ring's true nature. The Signet can be used to store and use the life force of freshly slain creatures for the benefit of the bearer.

Pressing the face of the ring against the forehead of a freshly slain creature (human-sized at least) and speaking a command word will cause the ring to drain the remnants of the creature's life force into the ring. This process leaves a permanent impression of the ring's seal seared into the remains. Any creature so drained cannot be restored to life by mundane or magical means (there's dead, and mostly dead, this is dead).

Speaking a second command word while the ring is being worn will cause the stored life energies to flow into the wearer, restoring health and healing wounds. Each 'charge' restores approximately ten percent of the wearer's total health (i.e. ten charges will fully heal from near death status). The ring will expend as many charges as required to fully heal the wearer. The ring may store up to ten charges total.
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