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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Creeper's Cloak

This item is a finely made, full-length cloak with a deep hood and silver clasp. The cloak and hood are black, light-weight wool lined with dark gray silk. The clasp is worked in the shape of a cat's head, set with onyx cabochon-cut eyes.

Attempts to discover the magical nature of the cloak will reveal Great alteration, illusion, and protection magic. The powers of the cloak are activated by tracing a simple patterns across the face of its clasp. The cloak functions as a normal cloak until the unlocking gesture is discovered.

Physical Protection - The cloak provides Good protection from missile weapons of any kind, turning aside blades, arrows and darts with ease. This power is passive once the cloak has been unlocked.

Cat's Eye - When this power is invoked, the wearer gains improved night vision. A moonless night provides enough light to read by, while a candle's flame provides enough light to brilliantly light a room. This power lasts one hour and can be invoked two times per day. Direct exposure to sunlight or other very bright light instantly ends this power and blinds the user for one round.

Living Shadow - Invoking this power grants the wearer a Great bonus to hide skill tests in any poorly lit location. The cloak shifts and changes to match nearby surfaces and features in color and texture. This power lasts one hour and can be invoked two times per day.

Shadow Step - This power allows the wearer to transport themselves from one shadow to another instantly. While standing in a shadowed location the user activates the power and chooses a destination within 100', which must also be shadowed. They are instantly transported to the new location, leaving behind a shadowy illusion of themselves that persists for three rounds. This power can be invoked three times per day.
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