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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Today's article is all about curses. Each of the curses described below can be used against a character directly or attached to an item of interest. Curses used against a character can be removed with a Good test of protection magic. Item curses are a bit trickier. A curse applied to an item can be permanently removed with a Great test of protection magic. An intrinsic curse (a flaw in its creation or an intentionally designed effect) cannot be removed. A Superb test of protection magic can temporarily negate the effects of an intrinsic curse, but they will reappear after one month. Curses can be detected by magical means, generally a Great test of divination magic.

Eye for an Eye - This curse is usually pronounced upon a specific character or a powerful weapon. When the target of the curse is engaged in combat all damage they inflict is also reflected back upon themselves. The victim suffers the effects of any damage (feeling pain, suffering condition effects, etc.) and receives half the damage they inflict as temporary damage. Temporary damage and curse effects last until the end of combat. A character slain by temporary damage falls into a coma for 8 hours.

Like Dust - This curse is most often directed at a person. All food and drink consumed by the victim has the flavor and consistency of dust. Though retaining its nutritional value, the victim will find it harder and harder to eat and drink. For each week this curse is in effect the victim must make a Good test of will to eat and drink sufficiently. Each time they fail the test their vitality is reduced one rank. This penalty is cumulative until the curse is removed.

Pathless Wandering - This subtle curse is often placed on items as a security precaution. Anyone transporting the cursed item has a greatly increased chance of taking wrong turns, misreading directional signs and following directions incorrectly. The cumulative effect of this curse is to direct the victim back to where the item was obtained. The curse affects the victim's fellow travelers, so its effects are very difficult to detect.
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