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Monday, February 16, 2009

Warping Door

The Warping Door is a perfectly carved, miniature doorway. The Door itself is carved from Dark Wood and fitted with mithril hinges and hardware. Its frame is fashioned from the finest marble. The Door is packed in a sturdy oak case with locking bronze clasps.

Identifying the magical properties of the Warping Door will reveal Superb alteration magic. Discovering the command words used to activate the door requires succeeding a Great test of divination magic for each word. Once discovered the powers of the Door become available to the owner (the Door must be held to invoke its powers):

Create - When this command word is spoken, a normal-sized doorway, about three feet wide and seven feet tall, will form in a nearby wall. It takes three rounds for a doorway to fully form. The created doorway will be closed and locked with a Superb magical ward until the Open command word is used. This command word can be used once per day. A doorway created with this command word lasts a maximum of seven days. No more than two such doorways can exist at one time. The oldest doorway is automatically destroyed when a new doorway is created if this limit is exceeded.

Open - When this command word is spoken, any created doorways open and a link forms between them, allowing passage between the two locations just as if a normal doorway was available. Fully opening the doorways takes two rounds. This command word has no effect if there are not two doorways in existence. The link between doorways remains open until the Close command word is spoken or one of the doorways expires. This command word can be used once per day.

Close - When this command word is spoken the link between two open doorways is severed, causing the magical ward on each Doorway to reappear. Closure is instantaneous. This command word can be used once per day.

Destroy - This command word destroys the nearest doorway, breaking any link that may have been established and reestablishing the magical ward on any linked doorway. Destruction is instantaneous. This command word can be used once per day.

If the magical ward sealing the doorways is forced then a link is established just as if the Open command word had been spoken. If the ward is forced and there is no other doorway available, the link will be established to a random location.

Doorways are subject to mundane attack (Epic toughness). If physically destroyed treat as if the Destroy command word was spoken.
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