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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Practical Magic

Many magic items focus on supporting combat and adventure. Here are a few items with a more practical, day to day feel. After all, what wizard wants to spend his days cleaning up after himself? Each of these items is activated by a command word which can be discovered with a Good test of divination magic.
Cloth of Cleansing
This magical fabric is a 12 inch square piece of bleached silk embroidered with magical symbols along the edges. It radiates a Fair aura of alteration magic. Thrice per day this item can be used to clean an object, removing all dirt, tarnish, rust or grime. Any object so treated will appear to be of better quality than they are (treat as a Fair bonus to any appraisal tests).
Ever-full Plate
This fragile porcelain plate decorated with a simple pattern radiates Fair conjuration magic. Thrice per day it can be used to conjure a Fair quality meal. The meal created will be suitable to the time of day, but the exact nature of the food summoned varies.
The Librarian's Hand
This granite statue of a human hand radiates Fair alteration and enchantment magic. Thrice per day it can be commanded to life. Once activated it will sort and organize the contents of a room, shelving books, sorting papers, organizing tools and components, and so forth. The Hand can lift small objects (up to 5 pounds), and moves at a walking pace. The Hand will stay active for no more than one hour per activation.
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