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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Inscribing Quill

This magical item appears to be nothing more than a high quality writing quill. A careful examination will reveal a line of magical symbols incised into the shaft of the feather. Usually a bundle of four or five Quills are found together, often in a bundle with ink, paper and mundane writing implements. A Good test of divination magic will reveal the Quill's nature. Another such test will reveal the command word required to operate the item.

Once activated with a command word and primed with ink the Quill can be used to perfectly copy written or drawn works. It will guide the owner's hand as it flawlessly duplicates whatever material is placed next to a blank page, altering ink color and pen stroke to exactly match the source. Such is the magic of the Quill that the material of and irregularities in the source page will be imitated as well. A copy made with the pen will be mistaken for the original under casual scrutiny. Someone familiar with the document must make a Good test of perception to notice the difference.

The Quill remains active for one hour, copying one tome-sized page every ten minutes before disintegrating in the wielder's hand.
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