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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mishta's Venemous Stalker

Mishta created this deadly device as means of disposing of difficult to approach foes. When not in use the Stalker appears to be an intricately carved statue of a tiny winged serpent coiled on a branch. The serpent itself is carved from a piece of red coral, set with black onyx eyes, mother of pearl wings, and ivory fangs. It rests upon a branch of petrified wood, carefully polished to reveal the details of grain and bark.

If tested for magical properties the Stalker will radiate Good illusion and Great animation, alteration, and evocation magic. Once its command word is discovered (a Great test of divination magic) the Stalker can be commanded by its owner. It can be activated once per day and given one of the following commands. The maximum duration for any command is 24 hours. At the end of a command's duration the Stalker will return to its resting place at best possible speed.
  • Guard - The Stalker will patrol a specific area (one room or contiguous space up to 100' x 100'). Anyone entering the patrolled area will be subject to attack. When commanded up to five people (including the owner) can be granted access to the guarded area.
  • Hunt - The Stalker can be commanded to hunt for a specific person. Once found the Stalker will relay a vision of the target's exact location to its owner.
  • Attack - The Stalker will hunt a specific person just as if a hunt command was given, except when it finds the target it will attack, relaying a vision of the attack to its owner.

The Stalker has Good sneak and hide ability, and can become invisible thrice per activation. It has Good toughness and flies at Great speed. The Stalker attacks using a Great poisonous bite. It can bite up to five times before its poison is exhausted. Regenerating poison takes one full day of inactivity per bite.

If the Stalker is damaged or destroyed while active, a new serpent will appear on the branch, taking one month to fully form.
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