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Monday, March 9, 2009

The Bag of Dagos

"Do you feel lucky?" This is the inscription embroidered into the side of this inconspicuous, green linen bag, tied shut with a black leather drawstring. Those with a religious background might recognize the bag as the legendary gift of the gambler god Dagos, said to be both a blessing and a curse, depending on one's luck of course.

This magic item radiates Good illusion magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal its command word. Once per day the owner can draw forth a single item from this bag (1d20). Items that are not used up vanish within four hours.
  1. Doh! A creature of the GM's choice springs forth, hostile and ready to do battle.
  2. A small cask of fine ale (2 gallons).
  3. A fine meal for 8 in a picnic basket.
  4. A carrier pigeon complete with message sleeve. Whispering a person's name to the bird will cause it to seek them and roost on their shoulder if within 100 miles.
  5. Pair of war dogs spring forth and loyally protect the bearer for for their duration.
  6. 10 gold pieces are pulled forth. These are not subject to the four-hour time limit.
  7. A deck of cards and set of poker chips.
  8. A coil of fine silken rope, 100' long.
  9. A 10' long steel pole of finest quality.
  10. A pile of dry firewood, tinder and kindling sufficient to burn for four hours.
  11. A set of fishing gear appropriate to the nearest body of water, including bait.
  12. Four comfortable stools.
  13. A lamp with four hours of lamp oil. There is no way to refill the lamp and it vanishes when emptied.
  14. A fine sword of the type most useful to the bearer. The weapon non-magical and provides a Fair bonus to damage and accuracy.
  15. A pair of fine silver dice and a backgammon board.
  16. A chess set.
  17. A fine umbrella.
  18. A pot of fine coffee or tea, as appropriate to the bearer.
  19. A complete set of warm outerwear, coat, cloak, hat, boots, and gloves, sized for the bearer.
  20. Dealer's choice, pick either the most or least useful item for the current situation.
Edit: Minor fixes to make durations consistent with main description.
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