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Friday, April 2, 2010

Crystalline Owl

This small figurine shows a horned owl perched on a branch, wings half spread and beak ajar. It is made from smoky gray crystal sand-blasted to a dull finish. The Owl is extremely detailed, with individual feathers and quills carefully carved into the flat finish. The figurine's eyes and talons are highlighted with glossy black slabs of onyx. The Owl is approximately six inches high. The Owl radiates Superb alteration and animation magic. The command words required to command the Owl can be discovered with a Great test of divination magic. The figurine can be commanded to life in one of two forms.

Normal Form

The figurine transforms into a construct of living crystal. In this form the Owl has a two foot wingspan and can be commanded to fly anywhere at Epic speed and maneuverability within ten miles of its owner. The owl has Legendary night vision and is practically invisible and silent while flying (Epic stealth). The Owl can return to its owner and report anything it has seen, conveying this information via a series of hoots and coos which only the figurine's owner can comprehend. The Owl can remain aloft for four hours at a time, after which it becomes inert for four hours.

Gigantic Form

The figurine grows to monstrous size and sprouts a saddle and harness designed to carry up to two human-sized beings. One of the riders must be the figurine's owner, who is the only person that can command the Owl to flight. In this form the Owl flies with Great speed and Good maneuverability. Like its smaller form, it flies with Epic stealth, and anyone riding the Owl benefits from this ability as well. The Gigantic Owl can be summoned but once per day, and can remain active for up to one hour.

Both the Normal and Gigantic form of the Owl are poor combatants, having only Fair toughness and Poor combat abilities with talons and beak. Should the Owl suffer more than two ranks of damage in Normal form or Four ranks in Gigantic, it will revert to crystalline form and become inert for one day per rank of damage suffered.
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