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Monday, April 5, 2010

Enhancing Censer

This pewter incense burner is cast to resemble a bizarre being, a creature that is little more than a hairy demonic head supported by scaled legs and a long twisted beard. A variety of horns and spines protrude from the back of the its head. The creature's eyes, ears and spines are pierced to allow smoke to pour forth from the interior of the hollow shape. The top of the figure's head can be removed, allowing access to the hollow interior, where an iron grate supports incense over a bed of ever-burning coals. Despite the great heat within the outside of the burner is cool to the touch. The Censer radiates Superb enhancement magic and Good evocation magic. A Great test of divination will reveal its properties:
  • The coals within the Censer burn with fierce heat no matter the conditions, even if fully submerged. Any incense (or other flammable object) placed within the Censer will be lit within one round. Like the coals, incense will continue to burn under any conditions. Note that this protection is lost if the burning substance is removed from the burner. The coals are permanently affixed to the Censer and attempting to remove them has a Great chance of destroying the object.
  • Incense, including magical incense, within the Censer burns for three times its normal duration and retains any special effects or magical properties it normally has for the entire period.
  • Magical incense gains a bonus to its area of effect, which doubles, and a two rank bonus to any magical effect it carries. This bonus can be applied as an increased effectiveness or a penalty to resistance checks as appropriate.
  • Upon command the owner can extinguish any burning substance within the Censer. Any remaining material is instantly vaporized and vanishes.
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