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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Igniter's Rod

This two foot long rod is made from sooty black metal that stains whatever it touches with smears of black ash. Twisting coils of copper, steel and lead tubes spring from and wind around this black core, culminating in a tangled knot of metal at the end of the shaft where each tube drains greasy, yellow liquid into a small cup-like container. Within this narrow bowl a tiny blue flame slowly consumes this liquid, giving off faint light and heat, along with the acrid odor of burning metal. Igniter's Rod radiates Epic evocation magic, and a Superb test of divination magic will reveal the command words required to control the device. It has the following powers and capabilities:
  • Eternal Ember - The tip of the Rod burns with an eternal flame which cannot be extinguished. The Rod's owner can command this flame to brighten or dim as desired, the light and heat produced ranging from a match's flame to that of a large torch.
  • Searing Flame - Six times per day the Rod's owner can command it to emit a one foot jet of searing hot flame lasting six rounds. The Flame is hot enough to melt even extremely hard substances such as stone or steel, cutting through a one inch steel rod in a single round. This Flame does Superb fire damage to anything it hits (requiring a successful melee attack to hit an active foe).
  • Lava Belch - Three times per day Igniter's Rod can spew forth a gout of burning liquid lava which can be directed anywhere within 30 feet of the wielder. Sufficient liquid is produced to create a burning pool 10 feet in diameter. Anything struck by this gout (treat as a hurled object to determine where it lands) suffers Epic fire damage when initially struck, followed by three rounds of Great fire damage as the lava continues to sear and burn. Should the lava strike a large body of water it will cause an explosion of steam and rock fragments that inflicts Superb fire damage on anyone within 30 feet of the point of impact. Lava Belch leaves behind a mass of stone approximately 10 feet in diameter and one foot thick when it finally cools.
  • Dragon's Tongue - Once per day the wielder can call forth a massive cone of flame 60 feet long and 30 feet wide at its furthest reach. Anything within this area of effect suffers Epic fire damage unless they make a Superb test of reflexes to avoid the effect, which reduces the damage by three ranks.
Each usage of the Igniter's Rod will set alight any flammable object within the area of effect. The heat produced by the device is so intense that normal fire resistance checks all suffer a one rank penalty. Igniter's Rod must be used at least once per day (any power) or it will randomly launch a Lava Belch to relieve the buildup of magical energies within its matrix.
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