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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tower of Green Lights

This ancient coastal tower, raised by an unknown race of builders, stands at the end of a granite jetty that guards the mouth of a well-protected bay. The stone walls of the jetty itself have been replaced many times over the years, but the brilliant green stone of the Tower itself remains untouched by the passing years. The structure is about 25 feet high and ten feet in diameter. A single narrow door made from the same bright green stone that makes up the Tower's walls is outlined with a white marble frame on the structure's shoreward side. The top of the Tower is ringed with a railing of verdigrised bronze featuring a series of horizontal horns or spires that protrude three feet from the edge of the walkway. A pole surmounted by a large triangular spike, also bronze, tops the tower. Within the structure a narrow two-foot wide stair winds from lower door to narrow roof, where a bronze trapdoor seals off the Tower's interior from the elements.

The structure's main door and the trapdoor above are sealed, with no sign of hinge, latch or handle. The structure radiates Epic quality evocation magic and Superb protection magic. An Epic test of divination magic will reveal the Tower's secrets.

The doors of the Tower are protected by a potent warding spell. Speaking a command word will cause both doors to swing open for three rounds, allowing free passage to the top of the tower. The walls of the Tower are curiously slick, any attempt to climb the walls suffers a three rank penalty on all applicable skill checks. Furthermore the protrusions extending from the Tower's railings will discharge Superb strength electrical discharges into anyone that attempts to cross the circle they inscribe. These bolts will target both climbers and fliers. Up to four bolts will discharge each round, one per possible target.

Each night the Tower's central spire glows with brilliant green light from dusk to dawn. This light cuts through fog and bad weather with ease. Anyone within five miles of the Tower can spot this signal light. Sages believe the Tower was originally constructed as a lighthouse. Anyone standing on the top platform with knowledge of the Tower's command words can extinguish this light with a spoken order, the light remaining off until a second command word is spoken or sunset the following night.

Someone with knowledge of the Tower's command words can also invoke its more dangerous power. By touching the central spire and speaking an appropriate command, anyone can summon forth a tremendous lightning bolt that can be directed against any target within one mile of the seaward side of the tower. This bolt discharges in a ten foot radius at the target location, doing Epic damage to creatures and Superb damage to any structure or vessel within its area of effect. One such bolt can be called forth per hour, but no more than seven such bolts can be summoned during a single day.

Image Source: http://www.offrench.net/photos/gallery-3_photo-982.php
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