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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Enhancing Glyphs

These items are paper-thin slabs of polished stone, generally obsidian, turquoise, agate or similar semi-precious material. Each one to three inch wide stone is inscribed with a mystic glyph that reflects the magic contained within. Despite their thin and fragile appearance, the Glyphs are fairly sturdy (Good toughness), though if chipped or shattered their magic dissipates instantly. Each stone radiates Good enchantment magic, reflecting the actual magic of the Glyph itself. Each Enhancing Glyph also radiates additional magics, depending on its own unique properties. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the magic contained within any particular Glyph.

Each Glyph contains a unique magical power trapped within its matrix. To make use of this power the Glyph must be bonded to its owner's flesh. This process requires placing the Glyph against the owner's skin and speaking its unique command word. The Glyph will instantly sear its way into its owner's flesh, causing a Fair damage wound as it permanently attaches itself. This wound can only be healed my time and mundane means. Once placed the owner can invoke the power contained within the Glyph with a mental command. An embedded Glyph can be removed, but is destroyed in the process. Each Glyph has a unique power:
  • Icy Touch - This Glyph is carved from bright blue turquoise and radiates Good elemental magic. When invoked the bearer's flesh gains a freezing aura that causes Fair cold damage to anyone that touches them (including anyone they touch with a successful melee attack). This power can be invoked thrice per day and lasts six rounds per invocation.
  • Rejuvination - This Glyph is cut from warm green malachite and radiates Good healing magic. When invoked the bearer gains accelerated healing, recovering one rank of damage per round for six rounds. This power can be invoked thrice per day.
  • Cheetah's Paw - Cut from a slab of citrine, this stone radiates Good alteration magic. Thrice per day the bearer can invoke its power to move at triple their normal pace for six rounds.
  • Feather's Grasp - This obsidian Glyph radiates Good alteration magic. When invoked the bearer becomes light as a feather for six rounds. While in this state they suffer no damage from falls, descending at a leisurely ten feet per round. This power can be invoked thrice per day.
  • Divine Consecration - This Glyph has been cut from pure white marble and radiates Good divine magic. When invoked the bearer is surrounded by a ten foot diameter circle of protection, which hedges out undead creatures or beings from other planes (a Good resistance check applies). This power can be invoked thrice per day and lasts six rounds.
  • Warded Mind - Cut from a sheet of clear rock crystal, this Glyph radiates Good protection magic. It can be invoked three times per day, and provides the bearer with Good resistance to all forms of mental / emotional attack (including fear, mind control, esp, etc.) This protection lasts six rounds per invocation.
  • Hunger for Blood - This Glyph is cut from reddish agate and radiates Good necromantic magic. When invoked it grants the bearer a vampiric touch. Any successful melee attack they make drains an additional rank of blood damage from the target and heals the bearer a like amount. The bearer is compelled to attack while under the effects of this Glyph, which can be invoked thrice per day for six rounds per invocation.
  • Wind Shear - When this tiger's eye Glyph is invoked it surrounds the bearer with a ten foot diameter storm of gusting wind, which picks up sand, dirt and small objects in a blinding swirling cloud. All actions directed against the bearer take a one rank penalty, with missile fire suffering a two rank penalty. The bearer is unaffected by the wind, which can be invoked thrice per day for six rounds.
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