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Friday, April 9, 2010

Spell Catcher

Spell Catcher is a heavy hooded cloak woven from deep red wool and lined with dark gray silk. A heavy gold clasp decorated with magical runes fastens the cloak around the wearer's neck. The bottom hem is decorated with a broad pattern of swirling black lines sewn with gleaming silken thread. The lapel area of the cloak are trimmed with a pattern of gold braid and set with twelve cabochon-cut star rubies ranging in size from tiny to sizable.

Spell Catcher radiates Superb alteration magic. A Superb test of divination magic will reveal the secrets of the cloak's magic are locked away in the runes inscribed upon its ornate clasp. Deciphering these ancient runes requires access to a Great quality magical research library, and four successful Great tests of magical lore.

This item allows its owner to store the energies required to cast a spell or magical effect into the rubies set into the cloak's fabric. The size of the rubies determines the potency of the spell that can be stored. There are four rank one, three rank two, three rank three, and two rank four stones. To store a spell's magic, Spell Catcher must be worn by the spell caster, who casts the spell as usual, directing its energies into the chosen stone with a command word. This process consumes any resources normally used in spell casting components, spell points, etc.

Once charged a stone can be discharged by the cloak's wearer with a simple command word and directed per the spell's normal usage. One stone can be discharged each round as a free action, or two stones can be discharged as a full round action.

Stones charged with a spell glow with a faint inner light, though there is no obvious indication of what sort of spell is stored. Attempting to charge a stone that already contains a spell has the following potential results:
  • 50% chance of replacing the spell
  • 25% chance of discharging the stored spell and replacing it
  • 20% chance of discharging the stored spell and failing to replace it
  • 4% chance of discharging both spells
  • 1% chance of discharging both spells and destroying the target stone

Should Spell Catcher's owner be struck with a magical attack and fail their resistance check the cloak must make a resistance check against the attack as well (treat it as having Superb resistance). Should this test fail, 1d4 charged stones will randomly discharge centered on the cloak's wearer.
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