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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Deed Breaker

This potent magical device is a thick platinum necklace woven from thirteen chains of the gleaming metal, each strand woven with a different size and shape link, giving the item a somewhat irregular appearance. Each unique chain is set with a different gemstone. These stones, like the chains that connect them, are cut to unique shapes and vary in size from tiny to huge. A gold clasp allows the relatively short chain, about 18 inches in total length, to be donned or removed. The necklace radiates Epic alteration magic, and a Superb test of divination magic will reveal its unique power.

Deed Breaker grants its wearer the power of negating actions with a simple mental command. When the power is invoked the target must make a Superb test of willpower or simply halt whatever action they were carrying out. Any resources devoted to the interrupted action (magical power, missiles, components) are lost or dropped as if forgotten and the victim loses the time the lost action would normally consume. The target cannot repeat the interrupted action for three rounds. Any attempt to do so has the same effects as the initial invocation of Deed Breaker without a resistance check, though a Great test of perception will allow the target to realize they are being affected by a magical obstruction.

Deed Breaker's power can be invoked up to thirteen times per day. The owner may select any visible target within 100 feet. Issuing the mental command to activate the device is a free action, but it can be used no more than once per round. Each invocation of the device's power has a one percent chance of shattering one of the item's gemstones, reducing the number of invocations available by one. Gemstones can be replaced with a duplicate of the destroyed stone. Note that the unique cut and type of each stone requires a Superb skill jeweler to match the stone and cut of the destroyed gem.
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