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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random Events

Today, a few random events and rumors for your consideration. A while back I wrote an article about adapting news articles to your campaign. These ideas were all pulled from today's paper. Well today's paper on the day that I'm writing this, so actually sometime last week. I've actually kept my New Year's Resolution to keep at least a few day's buffer on posts.
  • The city council has agreed to turn over the abandoned barracks and jail complex to a local merchant's coalition for conversion to a warehouse. Neither side is exactly sure what might be found in the old jail, so they're looking for a group of adventurous types to accompany a party of surveyors and engineers into the warren of buildings and cellars.
  • Recent flooding, caused by heavier than usual spring rains, have forced town officials to condemn the town's main well. The militia has been called upon to provide labor for digging a new well, while a local noble is beginning construction on an aqueduct to bring fresh water to town from nearby highland streams.
  • A local festival, delayed due to terrible rainstorms, has been rescheduled three days hence. The festivities include the unveiling of a new memorial to a local priest who died recently, an open market catering to local potters and craftsmen, and a huge game of tag involving everyone in attendance.
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