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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cabra's Keyring

When the legendary Cabra lost three fingers of his right hand in an unfortunate encounter with the carnivorous lizards beneath the royal jail, everyone thought he was finished as a thief. He quickly proved everyone wrong by stealing the Snowcap jewels while they were on display during the royal feast of Belpine. Cabra's Keyring had a great deal to do with his continued success.

The Keyring is three inches in diameter, a simple steel ring welded and polished into an unbroken loop. A small cup-shaped flower formed from mithril and gold adorns the ring. Identifying the magical properties of the item will reveal it has Great evocation and alteration magic. When discovered a number of keys and other objects will be attached to the ring. The bearer can use these objects by pulling them free and speaking the Keyring's command word. Each item has a specific effect or purpose, which immediately becomes available to the user. Items are destroyed when used, or at the end of one hour, whichever occurs first.
  • Silver skeleton key - This magical key will instantly open one mundane lock of Legendary quality or less.
  • Gold skeleton key - This magical key will instantly open one magical lock or seal of Superb quality or less.
  • Emerald key - This magical key will transform any doorway into a magical portal, allowing the user and their companions to step through to a previously memorized location.
  • Obsidian key - When pulled free this item cloaks the user in shadow, granting a Great bonus to stealth and hide skill tests.
  • Ruby flame - This item becomes a glowing red mote of light that floats above the user's head, providing Good illumination of his or her immediate surroundings (20' radius) for one hour. This light is invisible to those outside the area of effect.
  • Sapphire starburst - This item becomes a glowing blue mote of light that floats above the user's head for one hour. It outlines any traps within a 20' radius with a dim blue flame.
  • Onyx spider - This item grants Superb climbing ability upon the user for one hour, allowing them to climb any surface (even ceilings) with ease.
  • Copper coin - When pulled free this object becomes a purse of random coin worth about 20 gold coins. Purse and coins disappear at the end of one hour.
  • Jade serpent - This item grants the user Superb protection from poison for one hour.
  • Steel dagger - When pulled free this item becomes a Superb quality dagger that lasts for one hour.
If all items are removed from the Keyring it becomes inert and unusable for one year. Items can be replenished by placing a gem of Good value in the flower-like receptacle on the Keyring, then dripping one's own blood over the gem. This ritual must be carried out on the night of a new moon at midnight. The gem is consumed during the ritual, and a new random item will form on the Keyring within three days. If desired the nature of the gem sacrificed can influence the item produced.


Anonymous said...

Yank! Stolen!

Mark Thomas said...

You can't steal what's freely offered. :) Glad it's of use!