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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Demon Vial

This squat, pentagonal vial is made of heavy, dark glass protected by a mesh of fine silver wire. A silver cap covers a heavy leaden stopper that fills the vial's narrow mouth. Anyone with magical knowledge will recognize the symbols carved on the stopper as Great protective and sealing magic. If the vial is occupied, a small shape can be seen writhing and leaping within. Identifying the item's magical properties of the item will reveal:
  • Great protective and sealing magic
  • Superb obscurement magic
  • The vial radiates evil if it is occupied

The vial is a trap designed to contain the material form of a demon. The vial prevents any demon contained within from interacting with the outside world, but this protection is not perfect. Anyone that carries the vial for more than a day or two will become attuned to the item and susceptible to the contained demon's suggestions.

Suggestions will take the form of whispered voices and dreams, urging the bearer to open the vial. At first suggestions will be easily resisted (Mediocre difficulty), but over time they will grow in strength and range. Each week the power of the suggestions grows by one rank. The bearer must resist the growing strength of the suggestions or open the vial, releasing its occupant. The bearer may open the vial in a dream, only to awaken and discover they have done the deed in the waking world as well. Once the occupant is freed it will take its revenge upon the vial's owner, then pursue its own goals.

If the vial is empty it can be used to trap a demon, either as a permanent form of imprisonment, or as a temporary trap so preparations can be made to properly banish the contained spirit. Comprehending the vial's enchantment is a Superb test of demonology magic, requiring at least a week's study. Invoking the power of the vial is a Great test of demonology magic. The demon can resist the compulsion of the vial (Great strength compulsion). If the invoker knows the demon's true name the compulsion becomes more difficult to resist (Epic difficulty). If a specific demon is not named, the nearest demon will be compelled by the vial's magic.

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