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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eye of Setal

Ancient legend tells the story of Setal, the father of dragons, who, when faced with certain death at the hands of the arch-lich Thyme, traded his magical eye for his life. The trade doomed the lich to destruction as the fundamentally good nature of the Eye slowly destroyed the magic that maintained his physical form. Stories say the Eye was a powerful scrying tool, a potent magical focus, and a means to control dragons.

The Eye of Setal is a large irregular globe that at first glance appears to be nothing more than an oddly shaped and colored stone about the size of two fists. When examined closely the Eye begins to glow with an inner light, revealing its inner structure. The outer portion of the Eye is opaque golden rock crystal. Suspended within this crystal is a spherical orb of brilliant red forming the iris. A vertical slit-like streak of pure black forms the pupil of this crystalline eye.

Attempts to discover the magical nature of the eye will reveal the following:
  • Epic divination magic
  • Epic alteration magic
  • Superb evocation magic
  • Great protective magic
  • The eye radiates good

All powers of the Eye require that it be held in hand. The passive powers of the Eye are activated by anyone holding the item. Unlocking each lesser power of the Eye requires a Good test of divination magic, while each greater power of the Eye requires a Great test of divination magic.

Passive powers:
  • Communicate with any dragon at will.
  • Good resistance to any dragon breath attack.
  • When held by a being with an evil nature, the Eye will drain the most powerful enchantment or magical item in the wielder's possession, reducing the enchantment one rank in power each day (A Good enchanted sword would become a Fair sword after one day's exposure for example).
Lesser powers:
  • Take the appearance of a dragon, once per day.
  • Superb vision equivalent to that of a dragon, penetrating illusion and obscurement, once per day.
  • Superb divination to locate a specific object or person, once per day.

Greater powers:
  • Superb charm of any dragon once per week.
  • Superb damage fire breath, once per day.
  • Superb clairvoyance with unlimited range, once per day.
  • Superb evocation ability to magnify magical effects, once per week.

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