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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Thoughts - First Game of 2009

Gotta love scheduled posts. As this gets published I'm running my first game of 2009. These days my gaming is pretty sparse, due to life and distance constraints. When my regular group gets together we make a weekend long event out of it.

This weekend I'm running a Kung Fu fantasy game using the Fate RPG 2.0 rules. My regulars are pretty old school gamers and most of our campaigns use an extensively house-ruled version of AD&D 2nd edition. I'm hoping this game flies. I have some strong buy-in from my players, but the proof is in the play. I'm a bit nervous about running a brand new system, but I really dig the style of play Fate offers.

If you're interested in Fate, check out Spirit of the Century RPG, the pulp RPG by Evil Hat Productions.

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