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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Scarab of Flame

This superbly crafted gold scarab is set with rubies that sparkle and glow with a reddish light even in total darkness. The gems alone are worth several thousand gold coins. When discovered it will be contained in a custom built bronze box with an intricate latch.

Identifying the magical properties of the item will reveal:
  • Superb fire magic, but no means of activation is revealed
  • Good alteration magic
  • Good protection magic
  • Good divination magic
  • Good cursed nature

If stored in its case the scarab remains inert. If removed from the case the scarab will remain inert so long as it divines anyone is paying attention to it. Once unwatched it will creep forth and make its way to the hand of the nearest person (generally whoever claimed it as theirs). Once in position it will sink its fangs and claws into the target, causing an agonizing wound (Good damage) that can only be healed by mundane means. The scarab can only be removed by Superb dispel magic, by the death of the bearer, or by severing the target's hand. After the wound has fully healed (6 days) the scarab will reveal its powers to the bearer.
  • The bearer gains Good resistance vs. fire attacks.
  • Twice per day the bearer can carry out a Good fire attack against anyone in front of them within 10 feet.
  • Once per day the bearer can summon a rolling, bouncing sphere of fire that they can control by force of will. This sphere causes Good fire damage to anyone it touches and moves at 30 feet per round
  • Once per week the bearer can cast cause bolts of fire to rain from the heavens, causing Great fire damage to anyone within a targeted 30 foot radius circle.
  • At moonrise on nights of a full moon, any fire within 30’ of the bearer is drawn to them, immolating them and causing damage depending on the source. This damage cannot be resisted or avoided. A typical mundane fire will cause Average damage.

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