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Monday, January 5, 2009

The Celestial Bells

This set of three bells was commissioned by Tingal, high priest of the now disbanded Order of Vesh. Charged with the care and protection of the vast walled graveyard outside the city of Igon, Tingal sought to insure the safety of his fellow priests and their chapter house.

The Celestial Bells are about 18 inches tall and nine inches wide at the lip. Each has two decorative belts of interlocking rectangles arranged in a basket weave design above and below the body of the bell. Each rectangle in the upper belt inscribed with the name of one of the 12 princes of Igon. Each rectangle in the lower belt is inscribed with one of the seven holy words of Vesh. The crown of each bell is shaped like a drooping "T" with a disc of onyx embedded in the juncture of the "T". The bell clappers are bronze with a red silk cord tied to a small loop at the bottom.

The bells hang from a heavy plank of perfect mahogany inlaid with silver in a basket weave pattern matching the decorative belts on the bells. The ends of the plank are clearly designed to be set into a frame or bracket. Each bell is attached to the plank by two broad bands of red silk.

Attempts to identify the magical properties of the bells will reveal:
  • Great magical protection
  • Good combat enhancement
  • Great damage magic
  • The bells radiate good

The bells have been enchanted with several protective magics. The bells must be hung in a place of prominence in a permanent building to be effective. Each invoked power of the bells can be used once per day.
  • They provide Good protection from undead throughout the structure. Any undead creature must overcome this protection to enter the building.
  • When the first bell is rung all occupants of the structure gain a Good combat blessing versus undead that lasts one hour.
  • When the second bell is rung, any undead within the building suffers a Good attack.
    v When the third bell is rung a single undead within the building and within sight of the bells can be targeted with a Great attack. If the target fails to resist or avoid the attack they are destroyed.
  • When all bells are rung together all undead within 100' of the building are subject to a Superb attack that induces panic if not resisted or avoided.

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