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Friday, January 23, 2009

Necklace of Feathers

This necklace of woven silver wire and colorful semi-precious beads is strung with feathers of various colors and sizes arranged in no discernible pattern. A simple clasp allows the necklace to be worn around the neck. Attempts to divine the enchantment contained within the item will reveal Good alteration and evocation magic.

The wearer of the necklace can pluck the feathers it bears, each feather providing a magical benefit to the wearer. When a feather is plucked from the necklace it disappears and the power for the feather is bestowed upon the wearer. There are currently six feathers on the necklace, and no more than eight may appear at once. If all feathers are plucked, the necklace is destroyed. A new random feather appears each full moon. Current feathers are 2 raven, 1 humming bird, 1 snow goose, 1 stirge, 1 cormorant. Each feather's effect is Good strength and lasts for one hour.

  • Raven Feather - Allows flight
  • Duck Feather - Allows walking over water, quicksand or mud as if it were solid ground
  • Hummingbird Wing - Allows double normal movement and actions
  • Owl Feather - Allows perfect vision, even in total darkness
  • Snow Goose Feather - Good protection from cold
  • Hawk Feather - Good bonus to both attack skills and damage
  • Stirge Feather - Attacks by the wearer restore their own health by the damage done
  • Cormorant Feather - Allows water breathing


Anonymous said...

Very neat! I like it a lot. I love system-generic content like this when it's so imaginative.

Anonymous said...

Looks pretty useful; I might be able to adapt it for my own gaming. Keep up the good work!

Mark Thomas said...

Glad someone else can find a use for it! Thanks!