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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Avian Helms

The mage Mishta devoted many years to studying the powers of sympathetic magic and animated magical items. He created the Avian Helms as part of these studies. Each barbute-style helm is made of an alloy of mithril and steel, worked with a pattern of feathers etched and stained to match the plumage of the appropriate bird. The crest of each helm bears a silver crest worked into the form of a bird. There are two known Avian Helms. Mishta's notes hint at others, but no details or records of their forms remain. If tested for magic each helm radiates Good protection magic and Great alteration and animation magic.

All helms have the following properties:
  • Each has one or more command words, which can be discovered with a Good test of divination magic.
  • Provide a Good bonus to defense.
  • Once donned the helms cannot be removed by force or mischance.
  • Flight - once per day the wearer can fly with Good skill for one hour.
The additional powers of each helm are outlined below:

Heron - The crest of this helm bears the long, curved neck and head of a great heron. The helm plumage is slate-blue, with white and black tones highlighting the bird's jet eyes and ivory beak. The helm has the following powers:
  • Stalking stance - The wearer gains a Great bonus to stealth tests. This is a passive ability.
  • Water walking - When this power is invoked the wearer can walk across water, mud or other unstable surfaces as if they were solid ground, leaving no trace of their passage. This power can be invoked thrice per day, lasting 1 hour per invocation.
  • Stunning strike - The wearer can command the helm to animate and strike their foes. The helm has Great attack ability and attacks independently from the bearer. Any blow that lands does Good damage and stuns the target for 1d4 rounds. This power can be invoked thrice per day and has a six round duration.

Eagle - This helm bears a fierce eagle's head upon its crest. The helm and crest plumage is dark brown and gold. The eagle's eyes are fashioned from amber, while its beak is covered in gold leaf. The helm has the following powers:
  • Raptor's eye - The wearer gains a Great bonus to observation tests and are very difficult to ambush or surprise (Great bonus to surprise tests). This is a passive ability.
  • Eagle's wing - The flight ability of this helm can be invoked thrice per day instead of once. The bearer gains Great flying skill instead of Good.
  • Hunter's call - The helm's crest can be commanded to emit a piercing shriek, causing fear and deafness to anyone within a 30' radius of the wearer (Great test of resistance). The wearer is immune. This power can be invoked thrice per day.

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