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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Lagra is a a magical liquid obtained only from the purest water sources. It is valued by artificers and alchemists for its unique ability to enhance the fundamental potency of whatever it is combined with. Once removed from its primal source Lagra evaporates quickly unless it is properly stored in carefully constructed crystal containers.

There are many theories as to the formation of Lagra, the most widely accepted being it forms when pure water flows over a natural magical source such as mithril or orquelum. Lagra is best sought at night, when its faint blue glow allows it to be easily spotted. The substance can be harvested using a specially prepared crystal pipette (Great quality item). Lagra is lighter than water and forms tiny slicks on the surface of calm pools of water from pure underground sources. Capturing and storing the substance in a crystal vial (Great quality also) is a Good test of agility.

Lagra is a potent catalyst for magical constructs. It is often used in the preparation of potions, inks, and pigments. Dark Wood absorbs Lagra quickly, and combining the two magical elements increases the potency of any item constructed from the enhanced material.

Properly assessing the effect of Lagra upon a magical creation is a Great test of alchemical skill. Preparing it for use and properly combining it with other liquids is a Great test of alchemical skill. Combining it with non-liquids is a Superb test of alchemical skill.

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nanobri said...

I liked the image of glowing slicks of it on top of water. Neat idea. :)

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