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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Trollhand is an actual troll's hand, a dessicated relic carefully preserved and reeking of embalming fluid. The hand ends at the wrist, where a heavy mesh of silver and copper wires forms a broad cuff. Trollhand radiates Superb alteration and healing magic, and a Great test of divination magic will reveal its enchantment.

Trollhand's magic is activated by pressing the cuff to the stump of a living creature's right wrist. The metallic cuff will immediately writhe to life and wrap itself tightly around the stump, while tendrils of troll flesh will animate and attach themselves to their new host. These tendrils will grow into the host's flesh, crawling like greenish gray worms under their skin and up their arm, permanently affixing Trollhand in place. After one hour the process of attachment will be complete and the full effects of Trollhand will be felt. The host gains the following attributes and abilities:
  • Superb strength bonus with their arms.
  • Superb regeneration from physical damage.
  • Claw attacks, thrice per day the host can cause powerful claws to form on both hands. They can use these to attack, gaining two Great claw attacks each round for six rounds.
  • Terrible appearance modifier unless the deformed arm is carefully hidden.
Trollhand can be removed by severing the host's arm well above the attachment point. Once this is done, Trollhand reverts to its unattached appearance.

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