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Monday, April 20, 2009

Grim Monday: Demon Spawner

Today's Grim Monday is an evil, demonic being, a foe to make your players weep. The Demon Spawner is a powerful enemy on its own, but it can also serve as a potent ally for your favorite recurring villain.

The Demon Spawner is a lesser demon, subservient to its more potent brethren, who view the breed as a useful tool for spreading chaos and evil in the material world. Demonologists seek the true names of Spawners so they can exploit their primary ability for their own ends. Summoning a Demon Spawner is an Epic test of demonology.

The Demon Spawner appears as a large, squat humanoid form with flabby folds of leathery skin hanging from its form. Its round head bears a single, black, hate-filled eye and a broad slit of a mouth filled with needle like teeth. Each hand bears long claws that it uses in combat.

The Spawner’s primary ability is producing the Demon Brood, small, worm-like parasites it vomits forth at will. These foul creatures are easily slain, but if implanted in a living being, they cause the target creature to become a near-mindless berserker. If the Spawner implants the Brood itself, the target falls under the demon's control. If someone else implants the Brood using certain magical rites (Great test of demonology), the target falls under their control. This control has a range of one mile. Uncontrolled possessed beings wander mindlessly, slaying any living being that crosses their path. An implanted Brood can only be removed through the application of Superb divine magic (essentially an exorcism).

The Demon Spawner has the following characteristics:
  • Superb demonic nature
  • Superb resistance to magic
  • Superb clawing and biting attacks
  • Epic toughness
  • Great charm / domination magical ability - The Spawner has access to a variety of magical spells focused on charming and dominating its foes.
  • The Spawner can become invisible at will.
  • The Spawner may carry out three separate actions each round.
  • Fear Aura - Anyone within a 10 foot radius must resist (Great test) or be stricken with fear. This is a passive ability.
  • Paralytic Gaze - The Spawner can paralyze a chosen target with its gaze (Great resistance check). This ability can be used at will up to 10 times per day. Paralysis lasts six rounds.
  • Control Brood- The Spawner can control the actions of any Brood-controlled creatures within range, giving orders to any number with a single action. This ability can be used at will.
  • Consume Brood - The Spawner can consume any Brood-controlled creature, taking a full round to do so. The Spawner gains Superb regeneration for six rounds each time they use this ability. Any being consumed is permanently destroyed.
The Possessed

Those possessed by the Brood lose their free will and all magical abilities and powers. They retain their physical abilities. They can carry out basic commands, but complex tasks are beyond their abilities. In combat they use whatever weapons are at hand, attacking a single target until it is slain. The Brood provide their host with Fair regeneration abilities and a Good strength and toughness bonus.

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