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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Venomous Water Spider

One of the major creatures I'm using in my One Page Dungeon Contest entry is a venomous water spider. I always like using spiders because they're sneaky and predatory. Webs are always a fun way to inflict some pain on your party.

The venomous water spider has long, slender legs and a slim body covered with coarse black hair. Adult specimens have a eight to ten food leg-spread and a four foot long body. They use the coarse hair on their bodies to carry along bubbles of fresh air as they skitter and crawl along the bottom of rivers and lakes, anchored by threads of silk, in search of prey. They attack with powerful fangs and a potent sting, disabling their prey then immobilizing them with webs. Spiders store their prey in air-filled nests or caves. Young spiders often lurk near their parent's lair, feeding on the accumulated prey.

Adult spider attributes:
  • Good toughness
  • Great bite attack
  • Fair stealth and hide
  • Great sting attack with Good potency coma-inducing poison
  • Good web attack, 30' range, 5' radius
  • Superb swimming ability
Young spider attributes:
  • Average toughness
  • Average bite attack
  • Good stealth and hide
  • Poor sting attack with Poor potency coma-inducing poison
  • Superb swimming ability
edit: One would think I would be able to spell 'venomous' by now...

1 comment:

Joseph Gambit said...

spiders are cool because people have a visceral reaction to insects. In JRR Tolkiens books you see a lot of evil spider characters because he had a bad experience with a spider as a child.

I also like that your spider is poisonouse, but the poison in paralyzing not deadly. I hate one hit killers