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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Demon Bone Flail

Last week I wrote up a weapon with Seraphim origins. Today's weapon comes from a darker source.

This long, two-handed flail is a hideous weapon by most standards. The heavy haft is shaped from a demon's thigh-bone, its origins proclaimed by its blood red tint and the many natural spines protruding from either end. The grips of the terrible weapon are decorated with what can only be human skin, the grisly covering held in place with black nails cut from demonic horns. Three chains of blood-stained, rusted iron interspersed with heavy, spiked vertebrae of demon bone hang from the business end of the haft. Each chain ends in a preserved demonic hand, claws curled to strike. On the whole the weapon is both large and heavy, requiring Great strength and at least human stature to wield effectively. Those that dare touch the hideous thing will note both a faintly greasy feel and a burning smell when the weapon is held (though neither effect appears to affect the weapon's performance).

Attempts to identify the magical properties of the item will reveal:
  • Legendary accuracy and damage enhancement.
  • Epic evocation and alteration magic.
  • Epic protection magic.
  • Epic necromantic magic.
  • The Demon Bone Flail radiates evil.
The flail has the following powers and abilities:
  • Epic damage and accuracy bonus.
  • Legendary damage and accuracy bonus versus mundane humanoids of any kind.
  • The wielder gains Epic protection from elemental damage. Mundane elemental damage does no harm, and magical sources inflict one-quarter or no damage (Superb resistance bonus).
  • Crippling Strike - When invoked the next six blows struck by the Flail cripple the target (Great test of resistance to avoid effects). The wounds cause searing pain, inflicting a Great penalty to the recipient's next six actions. The wielder can invoke this power thrice per day.
  • Lifetaker - Twice per day the bearer can command the Flail's chains to multiply and shoot forth to cover a 30 foot diameter circle of razor-spined chain and bone. Any creature within this area suffers a Good attack, with all damage inflicted healing the Flail's bearer a like amount. This action takes two rounds to complete (damage is inflicted in the first round, healed in the second as the chains retract).
  • Demon's Torment - When this power is invoked the next successful attack causes the weapon's spines and claws to dig in and wrap around the target in an agonizing net. The target automatically suffers full damage each round and suffers an Epic penalty to all actions. Breaking the weapon's grip is an Epic test of strength. This power can be invoked once per day and lasts up to ten rounds.
The Demon Bone Flail is semi-sentient. While it will serve anyone willingly it imposes its own cost. Each time the Flail is wielded in battle the bearer must make a Good willpower check. Failing the check allows the Flail to exert control, forcing the bearer to slay any and all foes within sight without mercy. Each time the willpower check is passed the difficulty increases by one rank. Failing the check returns it to its initial level. Note that friends and allies who attempt to stop the bearer will be perceived as foes.


nanobri said...

I always think evil weapons with an agenda of their own are fun. I'm in a campaign right now dealing with an evil weapon. Our antagonist is possessed by an evil sword, and we've tried to get him to let go... even blasted the arm that was holding it, but his skeletal arm kept the grip. :-p

Mark Thomas said...

To me evil is always easier to stat up than good. I never have a problem coming up with dark and twisted powers, but the good stuff sometimes falls flat.