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Friday, April 24, 2009

A Deadly Trio

Today's article features short takes on three dangerous weapons. My usual writing time this week has been a bit constrained by time devoted to my play-by-mail WWII-era pulp action game. I've also been in a bit of an old-school mood and sometimes shorter is better.

Acidic Blade - This delicate scimitar features a polished steel blade fitted with gold hilts, a black-dragon hide grip, and a polished moonstone pommel. The weapon radiates Fair combat enhancement and Good alteration and protection magic. It has the following attributes:
  • Fair damage and accuracy bonus.
  • Good immunity to acid-based attacks.
  • Thrice per day the blade can be commanded to exude magical acid for six rounds. Blows struck while the acid is present inflict Good acidic damage in addition to normal damage. The acids burn through organic materials quickly, but metals are unaffected.

Shatter Foe - A heavy two-handed hammer with a crudely shaped head of black iron and a haft of red-dyed steel, this weapon requires Great strength to wield effectively. The weapon radiates Good combat enhancement and Great evocation magic. It has the following characteristics:
  • Requires Great strength to wield.
  • Poor accuracy.
  • Superb damage bonus.
  • Upon command the weapon's hammer-head doubles in size for one round. A blow struck with Shatter Foe in this state inflicts Epic damage and stuns a living target. Non-living targets are broken or shattered. This power can be invoked six times per day.

Chaos Spear - This rather plain looking weapon features a bronze head inscribed with an interlocking pattern of feathers and eyes. The shaft is polished ironwood, dyed dark red. The weapon radiates Good combat enhancement magic and Great alteration magic. It has the following attributes:
  • Good accuracy enhancement.
  • Can be thrown up to triple normal range with no penalty.
  • Returns to the hand of the thrower the round after being thrown.
  • Upon command dozens of bird-like figures stream forth from the weapon's blade, striking all foes within a 30' radius (Great dodge test to avoid being struck). Anyone struck is confused for three rounds. This power can be invoked three times per day.

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