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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Glance Over the Shoulder

In today's article I look back through some old articles and pick out a few of my favorites. There are two reasons for doing this. I'm following along with Pro Blogger's 31 Days to Build a Better Blog and today's exercise is about interlinking. The second, more important reason: it's a rainy gray Monday morning and I feel lazy.
  • About Stats - This article talks about how I'm describing items and lays out some numbers to go with the descriptive words I use. It also offers up links to the game systems that gave rise to this descriptor system.
  • Indomitable Banner - This item should have been part of the War! RPG Blogger Carnival. Unfortunately it was a couple months too early.
  • Necklace of Feathers - This was one of the first posts I wrote that drew real live comments. It must be good right?
  • Blue Rock Springs - This was an early encounter effort that passed in silence. I liked the idea, but in retrospect I suspect it was too long to draw people in. What do you think?
  • Guards and Wards - I've always liked protective magical devices. In most game systems magic users are glass cannons. If I were a glass cannon I'd want some cover!
  • Warping Door - I don't recall exactly where this idea came from. It sprang to life full formed in my brain. I suspect it was inspired by some combination of playing Guild Wars, watching SG-1, and scotch...
There you have it, some of the better articles in the archives, at least according to me. I hope you'll take a look and find something you like.


Anonymous said...

Hey mthomas768 thank you so much for visiting my site!
As a quite experienced gamer(my rogue was born in mystara world during '96 summer in Italy)i often find your articles very interesting

Mark Thomas said...

Marco - glad your finding useful things here. Thank you for sharing your art! I'm always awed and amazed by just how much great art is out there!